Health & Wellness Coaching


Schedule a complementary 30 minute call with Pamela for an initial consultation of your health & wellness needs.

There is a range of pricing for top-quality coaching to make sure that this service is available to as many people as possible.  Packages are available at a discount. Clients may also choose to purchase shorter individual sessions.

Please note that Health Coaching is a multiple session service requiring a minimum of six to twelve sessions commitment.

Sessions of one hour are recommended in most cases.

The basic fee for Health & Wellness Coaching is $125.00 hour. 

The Initial Discovery session is two hours for $375.00.

Individual sessions

Step 1: Complementary 20 minute call with Pamela for an initial consultation of your coaching needs.

Step 2: Choose how you would best like to receive your health coaching sessions - pay by individual session or purchase a package of sessions. All sessions must be paid in advance prior to scheduling.

One hour of Health Coaching is $125.00

45 minute session is $95.00

30 minute session is $65.00

All clients receive a copy of Duke Integrative Medicine Center's Personalized Health Plan Manual (164 pages).

Packages for New Clients

Step 1: 

Complementary 30 minute call with Pamela for an initial consultation of your health & wellness needs.

Step 2: 

New Client Package: Includes Initial Discovery session (in-depth initial session of 2 hours) plus 6 one-hour sessions.

Total package price of $1025.00 is reduced to $975.00.

Payment is due prior to scheduling and is nonrefundable.

Packages for Returning clients

Choose a package of sessions to receive a discounted price:

For a 6 session package, the hour rate of $125.00 is discounted to $110.00 per hour for a total package discount price of $660.00. 

For a 9 session package the hour rate of $125.00 is discounted to $110.00 per hour for a discounted package price of $990.00.

Payment is due prior to scheduling and is nonrefundable.

Health Coach sessions can be conducted 

in person in Tallahassee, Florida 

or by Phone 




anywhere in the world where there is dependable communication service.

Appointments are available

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays

between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Appointments can be scheduled at other times on request.


Health and Wellness coaches are partners in the small and large transformations that clients experience. You are the expert in your own body and health & wellness. You know what your personal vision is for how you choose to live your life. Your Health & Wellness Coach is an expert in behavior change. Your Health Coaching is based deeply on your personal vision for how you see yourself living your life and the personal values you hold for yourself. 

"It is estimated that 75% of all healthcare costs in the United States directly stems from preventable chronic health conditions (e.g. type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity etc.)" The goal of lifestyle medicine is to empower each client to find their own personal inner expertise and motivation to make lifestyle changes of their own choice and at their own pace.

"Coaching is a vehicle for helping people to achieve a higher level of well-being and performance in life and work, particularly when change is hard. Coaching is a growth-promoting relationship that elicits autonomous motivation, increases the capacity to change, and facilitates a change process through visioning, goal setting, and accountability, which at its best leads to sustainable change for the good."  - Coaching Psychology Manual, Moore, et al.  

As an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach certified in Lifestyle Medicine, Pamela values the following in her role as your personal Certified Health & Wellness Coach Professional:

• Being fully present with you in your wellness journey.

• Recognizing the innate wisdom and healing potential that you have within yourself.

• Meeting you where you are on your journey, without judgment.

• Entering each coaching session with you as a facilitator of your inner expertise that you have within yourself. 

Exclusive Healing Intensive Retreats

for Individuals, couples, or small groups

Pamela customizes individual retreats for mature, successful professionals or business owners that are immersive in a spectrum of evidence-based body-mind services. The individual client on retreat learns to activate their own personal body-mind wisdom and healing potential. The retreat, in the place that the client finds most relaxing and restorative in nature, includes daily health coaching beginning with the Discovery process and creation of a Personal Health Plan. Clients will be taught and experience daily a variety of Mindfulness practices. Additional mind-body training and healing modalities are available for the interested client, such as Reiki training for self-care and shamanic healing practices if desired. If you are ready to look deeply at your whole life - see the Duke Wheel of Health on this website - reclaim your passion, purpose and meaning in your life, and maximize your aliveness, health & wellness, contact Pamela to discuss co-creating a highly unique Individual Healing Intensive Retreat that transforms your life. You will go home a new and revitalized person ready to engage a whole new phase of your life.